Research Advisory Council

Introducing our Philosophy and Science Research Advisory Council

A research institute is made up of relationships and the intellectual contributions of its valued researchers and advisors. Organising the council and welcoming new advisory council members is one of my favourite tasks at IIMx. All of our council fellows are impressive, yet humble individuals who have made enormous contributions to their fields. I feel grateful and honoured to be able to work with them.


- Dr Bruce Long. Founder and Research Director


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The IIMx Council is our most exciting undertaking. We're seeking women philosophers and philosophers of science to join us. If you're a woman with a PhD in philosophy, philosophy of science, or science, and you are interested (one way or another) in the naturalisation of such things as cognition, epistemology, information, and structural realism, and you are interested in scientific metaphysics and the scientific realism debates or related topics, then please contact .

You might have an exciting contribution to make that does not involve these topics, and we'd like to hear about it. We also need mathematicians and philosophers of mathematics and biology, and logicians .